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2020 Elite Pitching Development Summer Program

We are now accepting registrations for the 2020 NMC Elite Pitching Development Summer Program. This 10-week program will run from 6/1 through 8/7. We will allow athletes ages 13 and up to participate, however we expect the majority of participants to be of high school or college age. This program will be held at NMC Performance in Elyria OH, as well as at local high school fields. We are looking for a highly motivated, hard-working, eager group of athletes to participate. 

Some of the highlights of this program include:

  • A thorough initial evaluation for every athlete participating

  • Individualized strength and conditioning programming

  • A throwing program catered to the athlete’s goals and built around their summer playing/practice schedule

  • Video analysis

  • Ongoing nutritional guidance

  • Weekly informational packets on arm care, nutrition, etc.

  • Access to MarcPro recovery

  • Rapsodo feedback (spin rate/spin efficiency/release height/release angle/pitch velocity.) 

  • Pitchers will have opportunities to throw to live hitters as well as have their information sent out to college coaches across the country upon request 

A week of training in this program would be as follows: 

Monday: Strength and Conditioning (Normal business hours: 12-8pm)
Tuesday: Throwing and movement work (Local HS field) (Mornings)
Wednesday: Strength and Conditioning (Normal business hours: 12-8pm)

Thursday: Throwing and movement work (Local HS field) (Mornings)

Friday: Off
Saturday: Optional movement work (Normal business hours: 9-2pm) 

Sunday: Off

*Sessions will typically run 75-90 minutes

*Rides to the field can be arranged

For more information, email us at Don’t miss out on an opportunity to take a big step ahead of your competition this summer!

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