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These are 4-week (1-6 days/week) programs designed to improve the athletes overall physicality and health to increase performance and durability on the playing field. On day 1, the athlete is taken through a physical examination that measures everything from mobility, stability, strength, speed, power, balance, athleticism and more. From there, the athlete will get an individualized program geared to attack all weaknesses that will most quickly improve on-field performance and health. These programs are coached both 1-on-1 and semi-private. Programs will be designed and monitored by a professional strength/speed coach with a background training athletes from youth to MLB. Nutritional guidance will be included.




These are 4-week (1-6 days/week) programs designed to improve overall pitching performance. We take a holistic approach to developing pitchers. Meaning, we will communicate and assess all aspects of a pitcher's game (velocity, command, off-speed, holding runners, mechanics, health, mental, etc.) and attack what we believe will help the pitcher reach his goals as fast as possible. The program will include individualized dynamic warmups, pre-throwing-specific warm-ups, individualized catch-play drills, daily throwing program, arm-care, and bullpens. These programs will be coached both 1-on-1 and semi-private. These programs are designed and monitored by a qualified pitching coach with D1 college playing experience and a background in human health and performance.



These are 1-hour hitting lessons geared toward improving in-game hitting performance. These lessons can include everything from mental approach, swing decision, swing mechanics, bat speed, live at-bats vs. the coach, high velocity hitting, off-speed hitting, etc. We will find the lowest hanging fruit that will provide the quickest in-game improvements and attack them. These lessons can be both 1-on-1 and semi-private (2-hitters together). The lessons will be structured and coached by a qualified hitting instructor with D1 college playing and D2 coaching experience. 



We have remote training options for any of the programs listed above. Meaning you’re able to do pitching, hitting or strength and conditioning training with our coaches remotely at a gym/field of your choice. We would have you in-house for an initial evaluation and program design so you’re able to learn the program from us in-person. From there, you’d continue doing the rest of the program at your remote destination. For the reminder of that program, we recommend you stay in contact with us by sending video, updates, texts or even FaceTime calls to ensure proper execution and progress. 

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